But what about the REAL issues?

A few months ago, on another Facebook page we manage called Vagina Devil Magic, we shared an article about musical artist Fiona Apple that had been making the rounds. She announced in July of this year that she had “become gutted with frustration trying to figure out the best way to help” with the crisis at our southern border, growing weary of our government’s horrific treatment of refugees. So she had decided that she would be donating two years of royalties from her song Criminal to the nonprofit group, While They Wait, which covers immigration fees and secures legal services for detained asylum seekers.


So, of course that led folks who are completely comfortable with our current government regime’s mishandling of, well, everything, to lose their collective minds and suggest that since Apple isn’t donating to homeless children in our own country, to veterans causes, to cancer research, to this, to that, to any pet charity organization they deemed more important; organizations that I would venture to bet the majority of them aren’t donating to either. They are absolutely certain that, due to her desire to help people fleeing crisis in their home countries, most of which that the U.S. had a hand in creating, that she hates America and said that maybe SHE should be deported…along with all the other wise things people who think like this tend to say as if any of it even makes a lick of sense.

Since the time Apple made her announcement, Army of Jane was founded with OUR mission to keep reproductive healthcare fully safe and accessible to all who need it, and ultimately to raise funds to enrich the lives of women and girls, hopefully launching them into careers and political offices where women have historically been underrepresented.

And, as to be expected, we’ve already gotten some “concerned feedback” and the apparently inevitable indignation that we’re not focusing on “the REAL issues.”

Well, while that “feedback” is not going to change our tune, we are MORE than happy to help those who need a little direction.

“So, abortion, huh? What about BABIES WHO WE LET LIVE?”

–  Bryce L. from Oregon

Bryce, might I suggest donating to Insights Teen Parent Services ?


“Insights” is officially the first charity I ever donated to back in the 90s, and I’ve made it a point to do so regularly since. I was once a young woman who found herself unexpectedly pregnant as a 16 year old and, while I didn’t need to utilize their program, I absolutely love what they do for young mothers and their children. Check them out!

* * *

“Well, it sounds like you hate America AND our veterans. I don’t see anywhere on your page that says you care at all.” 

– Evelyn R. from Virginia

Not true, Evelyn! In fact, I am the daughter, niece, sister, and spouse of combat veterans, and it absolutely warms my heart when I see veterans coming together to help improve our great country.

A fantastic organization that you, as someone who wants to support our veterans, might be interested checking out is Veterans Against Hate.


They are based in Arlington, VA, which probably isn’t too far from you.  They have a presentation coming up called “Defending Our Transgender Brothers and Sisters” and will be viewing the documentary “TransMilitary.”  They are also looking to expand across the country and could use your help.

Veterans For Peace is another great organization this “Army” stands behind. Check them out, too!

* * *

So you don’t give a shit about homeless people I guess? Just women?

– Scott V. from Washington

Well, Scott, this may come as a surprise to you, but women experience homelessness, too, and, if you’d like to help out, I would like to recommend an organization that I’ve had the privilege of working with in the past, Lydia Place.


The mission of Lydia Place is to disrupt the cycle of homelessness and promote sustained independence for current and future generations. Click here to donate. Every little bit helps.


That’s all the suggestions we have for now, though this page may be edited as time goes on in case you just aren’t sure that Army of Jane’s mission aligns with yours. And that’s ok if it doesn’t, Scotts and Evelyns and Bryces of the world. We are here to do the heavy lifting and to point you in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support for the “real issues.”

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